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How to Put an Access Road on Your Property

Quiz Questions

1. Approximate Cost per linear foot for a road with a slope 30% to 50% is:
$15-$25 per foot
$8-$15 per foot
$8-$10 per foot
2. The grade of the roadbed should be less than 10% for best results (10 ft. vertical in 100 ft. horizontal).
3. Maximum sustained grades should _________ exceed:
6 percent for natural soil and grass surface
10 percent for gravel or crushed stone surface
16 percent if paved
4. These grades may be increased up to 15 percent on gravel roads (if crushed stone is used) and 20 percent on paved roads for short reaches (200 feet or less) where no other alternative exists.
5. The minimum width of the roadbed is __________________________ feet for two-way traffic.
14 feet for one-way traffic and 20
20 feet for one-way traffic and 40
30 feet for one-way traffic and 60
6. The minimum tread width is _______________________ for two-way traffic.
7 feet for one-way traffic and 14 feet
10 feet for one-way traffic and 15 feet
15 feet for one-way traffic and 25 feet

The minimum shoulder width is 2 feet on each side of tread width.

2 feet
4 feet
6 feet
8. Increase all widths by ________ if expected traffic include towed trailers of any kind.
4 ft
6 ft
8 ft
9. Construct roadside ditches on the inside of all roads that have overland flow from above the road during rain storms. Minimize the length and number of roadside ditches. Remember, the ditch you construct can become a gully that will erode and undermine the edge of your roadbed and the cut slope.
10. Flat bottom ditches with flat areas __________ in width provide for greater driver safety and reduced maintenance than do deeper "V" shaped ditches.
2 feet or more
4 feet or more
6 feet or more
11. All culverts should be designed using the two-year, 24-hour storm as a minimum. The designers should also evaluate the impact of the 10-year, 24- hour storm.
12. No culvert less than _______ in diameter should be used.
10 inches
15 inches
30 inches
13. Subsurface drainage refers to water that is below the normal ground surface. Subsurface drainage may be a natural condition or it may be created by failure to properly remove surface water.
14. The minimum radius of curvature of the center line of the road should be as follows: ______ for short-bodied vehicles ______ for tractor trailers Radius of curvature defines the "sharpness" of the turn. In recreational areas, the radius may need to be increased to accommodate towed or larger vehicles.
35 feet __________________50 feet
50 feet ____________________75 feet
15. According to the Diagram in the course material The G- Backhoe/excavator is
PDH Course - How to Put an Access Road on Your Property
Used for excavating trenches, digging out stumps and installing pipes and culverts.
Used for compacting earth around pipes and other structures.