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How to Design Sustainable Concrete Pavements

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113 pages

Course Summary:

Pavements are aging and deteriorating; one third of the road system, about 1.3 million miles, is in poor condition or worse, receiving a grade of D- in the American Society of Civil Engineers report card (ASCE 2009A). Traffic volumes and vehicle loads continue to increase, putting more demands on the already stressed pavement system and, in major metropolitan areas, resulting in serious congestion problems. Roadway agency budgets continue to fall short of needed funds, with an estimated $115.7 billion annual shortfall from funding required to substantially improve pavement conditions. These challenges exist not only in a time of economic uncertainty but also within the developing realization that the environmental and social impacts of these pavements systems are great.

Learning Objective:

This course is a manual of practice of what does it take to have a more sustainable concrete for pavement.

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Course Content

Course Author: Iowa State University

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