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How to Avoid Health Hazard in Plumbing Cross Connections

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Course Summary:

Public health officials have long been concerned about cross-connections and backflow connections in plumbing systems and in public drinking water supply distribution systems. Such cross connections, which make possible the contamination of potable water, are ever-present dangers. One example of what can happen is an epidemic that occurred in Chicago in 1933.

Old, defective, and improperly designed plumbing and fixtures permitted the contamination of drinking water. As a result 1,409 persons contracted amebic dysentery; there were 98 deaths. This epidemic, and others resulting from contamination introduced into a water supply through improper plumbing, made clear the responsibility of public health officials and water purveyors for exercising control over public water distribution systems and all plumbing systems connected to them.

Learning Objective:

This course includes advising and instructing plumbing installers in the recognition and elimination of cross-connections.

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