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The Real Leadership Lessons From Steve Jobs

Quiz Questions

1.According to article, "Deciding what not to do is
Baseless and has nothing to do with success and moving forward.
As important as deciding what to do
2. Focus;
Was not one of Job’s assets.
was ingrained in Job’s personality and had been honed by his Zen Training.
3.In Job’s view, Simplicity
Is the ultimate sophistication
Is important
4.Jobs and Apple
took end-to end responsibility for the user experience
put the responsible people in charge.
5.When job found himself behind the competitors,
He would try to catch up as fast as he could.
He would leapfrog by creating something completely new and innovative.
6.Job would put
Profit first, and then the product
Product first and then the profit will follow
7.When job was asked if we ask the market research what the customers wanted his response was:
That’s a good idea we will go with what they suggest.
No, customers don’t know what they want until we show them.
8.Job believed in bending reality, Jobs felt that life’s ordinary rules didn’t apply to him, he could inspire his team to change the course of computer history with a small fraction of the resources that Xerox or IBM had.
9.Job’s mentor taught him three words, "empathy", "focus" and
Hard work
10.During the development of almost every product he ever created, Jobs at a certain point "hit the pause button" and went back to the drawing board because
he felt it wasn’t perfect
he wanted to change his mind
11.According to time warner CEO one of Jobs talents was his ability and desire to envision over reaching strategy while also focusing on tiniest details of the design.