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How GE Teaches Teams To Lead Change

Quiz Questions

1.When the author visited the team that he attended at the GE Leadership program after a year he saw:
Everything was carried out the same way it was carried before the leadership program
The business had accelerated its push into emerging markets, launched initiatives to revamp product development, and stepped up efforts to create new businesses.
2. LIG stands for:
Leadership, Innovation, Growth
Lack of Ingenuity and growth
3.The aim of LIG was explained to embed growth into the DNA of the company
4.Jeff Immelt who became the CEO after Jack Welch, wanted the employees:
To weave innovation and growth into every aspect of their businesses. He wanted them to reconsider how they individually and collectively led: their behavior, their roles, how they spent their time.
just want these managers to reexamine their capabilities, processes, metrics, organizational structures, and deployment of resources.
5.Henson, who has led five business units other than Capital Solutions during his 21year career at GE, told the author, "As a team goes through the program, its members ask themselves, ‘How do we stack up? Are we really as good as we can be? Are we walking the talk? Are we leading this business the way we think it should be led in order to optimize growth?’ You can see the bar being reset. You can see the team coalescing around the changes they need to make." That’s exactly what happened with the managers of Power Generation.
6. Growth values at GE identifies "External Focus" as:
Someone who has a great focus
Defines success through the customer’s eyes. Is in tune with industry dynamics. Sees around corners.
7. Growth values at GE identifies "Clear Thinker" as
Someone who thinks clearly
Seeks simple solutions to complex problems. Is decisive and focused. Communicates clear and consistent priorities.
8.Growth values at GE identifies "Imagination" as
Someone who has a good imagination
Generates new and creative ideas. Is resourceful and open to change. Takes risks on both people and ideas. Displays courage and tenacity.
9.Growth values at GE identifies Inclusiveness as:
Someone who is inclusive
Is a team player. Respects others’ ideas and contributions. Creates excitement, drives engagement, builds loyalty and commitment.
10. Growth values at GE identifies Expertise as:
Someone who believes he has an expertise in a field
Has in-depth domain knowledge and credibility built on experience. Continuously develops self. Loves learning.