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21st Century Talent Spotting

Quiz Questions

1. Managers must learn to asses current and prospective employees on _________ indicators.
2. Which one the following are the key indicators

a) The right motivation

b) Curiosity

c) Insight

d) Engagement

e) Determination
a, c, d
All of the above
3. After 30 years the author considers the most important predictor of success at all levels, from junior management to the C-suite and the board is:
Hard work
4. International Monetary Fund and other groups are currently predicting thqt some 70% of the world’s growth between and now and 2016 will come from
Domestic market
Emerging market
5. China now has 88 companies in the global fortunes 500, up from just ____ in 2003
6. A focus on potential can improve talent spotting at every level of the organization especially the very top.
Hard work
7. The first indicator of potential we look for is the right kind of motivation; a fierce commitment to excel in the pursuit of unselfish goals. High potentials have great ambition and want to leave their mark, but they also aspire to big, collective goals, show deep personal humility, and invest in getting better at everything they do.
8. Which of the followings are the hallmarks of potential, according to research?

a) Curiosity

b) Insight

c) Engagement

d) Determination
a and c
a, b and d
All of the above
9. Pushing your high potentials up a straight ladder won’t acelearate their growth uncomfortable assignements will
10. In finding the right candidate it is imperative to identify and develop people with the highest potential. Look for those who have strong motivation to excel in the pursuit of challenging goals, along with the humility to put the group ahead of individual needs.