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Guidance on Risk Analysis and Safety Implications of a Large Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Spill Over Water

Credit: 20 PDH
Course Fee: $300.00
167 pages

Course Summary:

While recognized standards exist for the systematic safety analysis of potential spills or releases from LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) storage terminals and facilities on land, no equivalent set of standards or guidance exists for the evaluation of the safety or consequences from LNG spills over water. Heightened security awareness and energy surety issues have increased industry’s and the public’s attention to these activities. The report reviews several existing studies of LNG spills with respect to their assumptions, inputs, models, and experimental data. Based on this review and further analysis, the report provides guidance on the appropriateness of models, assumptions, and risk management to address public safety and property relative to a potential LNG spill over water.

Learning Objective:

  • Introduction
  • Risk assessment of LNG spills over water
  • Accidental LNG breach, spill and hazard analysis
  • Intentional LNG breach, spill and hazard analysis
  • Risk reduction strategies
  • Guidance: Safety and risk analysis and recommendations

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Course Content

Course Author: Sandia National Laboratories

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