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Green Building Rating Systems for Existing Buildings

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125 pages

Course Summary:

LEED for Existing Buildings (LEED for Existing Buildings) maximizes operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impacts. As a leading-edge, consensus-based system for certifying green building performance, operations, and maintenance, LEED for Existing Buildings provides a road map for property managers, portfolio owners, and service providers to drive down operational costs, while increasing occupant productivity in an environmentally responsible manner.

The LEED for Existing Buildings Rating System is a set of voluntary performance standards for the sustainable upgrades and operation of buildings not undergoing major renovations. It provides sustainable guidelines for building operations, periodic upgrades of building systems, minor space use changes and building processes.

LEED for Existing Buildings addresses exterior building site maintenance programs, efficient/optimized use of water and energy, purchasing of environmentally preferred products, waste stream management and ongoing indoor environmental quality (IEQ). In addition, LEED for Existing Buildings provides sustainable guidelines for whole-building cleaning/maintenance, recycling programs and systems upgrades to improve building energy, water, IEQ and materials use.

Learning Objective:

LEED for Existing Buildings is a voluntary performance standard for sustainable operations and maintenance of buildings and provides guidelines for sustainable upgrade over time.

LEED for Existing Buildings provides an important opportunity for building owners to lead the way in reducing the environmental impact of buildings.

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Course Author: US Green Building Council

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