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Florida Workers' Compensation

Quiz Questions

1.When you are injured you must tell your employer
As soon as possible
There is no time limit
When you get a chance
2. The law requires that you report the accident or your knowledge of a job-related injury within ________of your knowledge of the accident or injury, or within _______ of a doctor determining you are suffering from a work-related injury.
7 days
21 days
30 days
3. When you want to see a doctor
You can go to any doctor you want
You must ask your employer what doctor you can see. You must see a doctor authorized by your employer or the insurance company.
4. If it is an emergency and your employer is not available to tell you where to go for treatment, go to the nearest emergency room and let your employer know as soon as possible what has happened.
5.After you or your employer report the injury to the insurance company, many companies will have an insurance claim adjuster call you within ________ to explain your rights and obligations. If you receive a message and a number to call, you should call as soon as possible to find out what you need to do to get medical treatment.
24 hours
48 hours
7 days
6. Within __________ after you or your employer report the accident, you should receive an informational brochure explaining your rights and obligations, and a Notification Letter explaining the services provided by the Employee Assistance Office of the Division of Workers’ Compensation.
3-5 business days
2-3 weeks
1-2 months

Indemnity benefits: If you are unable to work for more than _________, you should receive money to partly replace what you were not able to earn after your accident.

7 days
14 days
30 days
8. Your weekly benefit ___________________ the maximum compensation rate for the year in which your accident or illness occurred.
Can never exceed
May exceed
Should exceed

Temporary total disability: If your doctor says you cannot work at all, You should receive

Money equaling about 66% or 2/3 of your regular wages at the time you were hurt.
$600 / month until recovery
$800/ month until recovery

Your benefit is paid to you beginning

With the 8th day you lose time from work.
Within 14 days you lose time for work.
Within 30 days you lose time from work.
11.If your injury is critical, you may receive _____ of your regular wages for up to 6 months after the accident.
12.You can receive up to a total of ________ of temporary total disability and / or temporary partial disability benefits
90 weeks
104 weeks
128 days
13.Temporary partial disability: If you can return to work, but you cannot earn the same wages you earned at the time you were hurt, you will receive money equaling 80% of the difference between 80% of what you earned before your injury and what you are able to earn after your injury.

If your average weekly wage is $320. And your weekly earning after injury is $150. Then your weekly temporary partial disability benefit is:

$320 X .80 = $256 (Earning before injury X .80 = $256)
Minus – $150 (Your weekly earning after injury)
$106 = Your actual lost wage

$106 X .80 = $84.80 is your weekly temporary partial disability benefit

15.Impairment benefits: Once your doctor says you are at Maximum Medical Improvement, you are as good as he or she expects you to get. At this point your doctor should evaluate you for:
Possible permanent work restrictions
A permanent impairment rating.
Both above
16.If you receive a permanent impairment rating,
you will receive money based on that rating.
You will not necessarily receive money based on that rating
17.Your employer ______ responsible for providing medical treatment.
Is not
18.You can go to your own private doctor for treatment.
19.The insurance company _______ authorize the doctor who is to treat you. If you do not get a doctor’s name from the insurance company, you should contact your adjuster and ask for a doctor.
Does not have to
20.If you are unable to return to your job because of permanent work restrictions resulting from your on-the-job injury, you may obtain information or assistance from the Bureau of Employee Assistance and Ombudsman Office/Reemployment Services section at the following website, by phone or by e-mail:

  • http://www.myfloridacfo.com/Division/WC/ Employee/reemployment.htm
  • Telephone: (800) 342-1741 – option 4
  • Email: wcres@myfloridacfo.com