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Wind mitigation in Florida

Credit: 3 PDH or CE Hours #CILB Provider 0005904 Approved Course No. 0613239
Course Fee: $27.00
58 pages

Course Summary:

Wind mitigation includes specific activities to strengthen your home. This course will review what can be done to strengthen your home.

This course consists of two sections: practical and technical. The first section is the practical section and the second section discusses more of the technical issues.

Learning Objective:

  • What is wind mitigation.
  • Why every Floridian homeowner faces damage to their home a result of high wind.
  • Load path of the hurricane force.
  • Installation of Gable-end Bracing, strengthening roof decking attachments and secondary water barriers to roof.

Table of content

  • First Section
    • Make Mitigation Happen
    • What is Wind Mitigation?
    • Types of Mitigation
    • Water Barriers
    • Anchoring, Roof-to-Foundation
    • Gable Ends
    • Glazed Openings
    • Doorways
    • Florida Statute: 627.711
    • Local Disaster Related Organizations
    • Preparedness Checklist
    • Disaster Specific Items
  • Second Section
    • Executive Summary
    • Introduction
    • Scope
    • Review of 2002 Studies
    • Building Features that Influence Hurricane Damage and Loss

Review the quiz before studying the course.

Course Content

Course Author: Franco F. Davati, P.E.


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