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Response to Extreme Weather Impact on Transportation Systems

Quiz Questions

1.________________ have costly impacts in both human and monetary terms.
Extreme weather events
Extreme Hot weather
2. In 2012 Hurricane Sandy affected which of the following state?
North Carolina
New Jersey
3. Which of the following practices are to be considered when using large flood-barrier systems?
Lower traffic speeds
Establish width limits for treated areas
Identify alternate routes for trucks hauling material
All of the above
4. DOT stands for Department of Transportation.
5. ______________ comprises the variety of principles, strategies, and practices used by an organization to identify, collect, organize, preserve, disseminate, share, generate, and apply critical knowledge.
Knowledge Management
Incident Command System
Emergency Management
None of the above
6. What extreme weather condition affected Iowa in 2011?
Hurricane Irene
Riverine Flooding
7.With the establishment of Incident Command Centers (ICC) in Dummerston, Rutland, and Berlin, along with a UC in Montpelier, VTrans established, and went to work addressing its major goals which are _________________?
Prepare state roads for winter operations
Inspect all bridges
Establish access for utility companies to restore power to areas cut off
All of the above
8. According to National Weather service, ___________ is widespread or localized fog reducing visibilities to ¼ mile or less.
Dense Fog Advisory
Dense Smoke Advisory
Freezing Fog Advisory
Heat Advisory
9. New Jersey state Initial preparedness efforts include _______________________?
E-mail dialogue
Review of preparedness checklists by state DOT staff
Contact with the state Emergency Operations Center
All of the above

Identify technologies, training, and standards in Knowledge Management that can support informed decision making and coordination within state DOTs and with external partners, given the increased risk of extreme weather events. This statement is from which of the following topics?

Findings Related to State-level Responses to Extreme Weather Events Impacting Transportation
Suggestions for further Research
Hurricane study
None of the above

In late August 2011, states in the eastern United States tracked Hurricane ________ as it moved through the Caribbean and toward the East Coast.

None of the above
12. In 2011, __________ experienced the worst 1-year drought since its rainfall records began in 1895.
New jersey
13. Where there is likely to be an extreme weather event, a ____________ may respond in three main ways: through routine operations, pursuant to ETO (Emergency Transportation Operations, which are designed for nonrecurring events), or pursuant to the state’s disaster or emergency response processes.
Federal government
state DOT
City Mayor
14. Detours are a common issue under extreme weather.
15. The following figure/flow chart shows county request for ________________.

Extreme Weather Impact on Transportation Systems

None of the above