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Environmental Design for Small Boat Basins

Credit: 5 PDH
Course Fee: $45.00
40 pages

Course Summary:

The purpose of this course is to incorporate environmental considerations into the planning, engineering, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of small boat basins. This course applies to all HQUSACE elements, major subordinate commands, districts, laboratories, and field operating activities having Civil Works responsibilities. Small boat basins, which are located on coastlines, estuaries, lakes, and riverbanks, provide direct access to each boat, parking, technical services, shops, and other amenities. The increasing prosperity of the world population has resulted in an increased popularity of and need for small boat basins. The development of small boat basins is a concern to environmental groups and local residents because of the potential effects of these basins on the quality of rivers, lakes, estuaries, and ocean shorelines. The goal of this course is to provide general environmental considerations guidance during the planning and design stage.

Learning Objective:

  • Introduction
  • Water body designations
  • Basin design and operation criteria
  • Attendant problems and responsibilities
  • Appendix A: References
  • Appendix B: Statutes and Regulations

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Course Content

Course Author: US Army Corp of Engineers

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