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Energy Resource Potential of Methane Hydrate

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Course Summary:

Natural gas which is predominantly methane (CH4) is recognized as clean burning and an important bridge fuel to a future where renewable energy sources are more common. Methane hydrate-molecules of natural gas trapped in an ice-like cage of water molecules represents a potentially vast methane resource for both the United States and the world. Recent discoveries of methane hydrate in arctic and deep water marine environments have highlighted the need for a better understanding of this substance as a natural storehouse of carbon and a potential energy resource.

This course aims to provide a simple but comprehensive explanation of what methane hydrate is, where it is found, it’s potential as a fuel source, and the current state of methane hydrate research activities. Methane hydrate science has advanced steadily over the past decade, and commercial-scale production of natural gas from methane hydrate deposits is growing more viable at each step.

Learning Objective:

  • The Growing Need for Natural Gas
  • Methane Hydrate Potential as a Fuel Source
    • Methane Hydrate Resource Pyramid
  • Ice that Burns
    • What is Methane Hydrate?
    • Where is Methane Hydrate Found?
    • Methane Hydrate and Global Climate
  • Producing Methane from Hydrate
  • Studying Methane Hydrate
    • Early Studies of Methane Hydrate
    • An Era of Hydrate R&D is Born
    • Recent Field Studies
    • Major U S Field Projects
    • Experimental and Modeling Studies
    • Research Fellowships
    • A Robust and Balanced Program

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Course Content

Course Author: US Department of Energy

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