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15 PDH DVD, How to start a part time/full time consulting engineering business on a shoestring

Credit: 15 PDH
Course Fee: $259.00

10 PDH or 1 CEU + extra 5 PDH all on one DVD, including 1 PDH in Ethics

This course is a combination of our Forensic Engineering + the business section.

  1. This is the first and only class of its kind for engineers who would like to learn how to start and run a part time/full time consulting engineering company, while earning their PDH or CEP credit hours.
  2. This class will teach engineers how to set up, run and market an engineering consulting company in any part of the country and practice either in their own field of expertise or the field of Forensic Engineering.
  3. Forensic Engineering is one of the fastest growing and highest paid engineering fields in the country.
  4. The fundamentals of the class can be applied to any kind of consulting engineering business. This will also be a great class for engineers who like to testify in court as an engineer or simply making plans to work part-time as consultant engineers either now or during their retirement years.
  5. This class is also open to non-PE engineers.
  • Opening statement and remarks.
  • How to start and set up your engineering consulting company, taxes, corporation, bank, brochure, stationary, business cards, web site……etc.
  • Marketing, marketing, marketing…..even if you are the best engineer in the world, no one will know who you are, unless you market yourself.
  • 10 different methods of marketing yourself, your engineering services and your engineering company.
  • Learn how to advertise, market, find prospects, make cold calls and get accounts. Learn how to be a more “street smart engineer” and avoid making expensive mistakes.
  • Things they do not teach us in the engineering school. Discussion of different methods of sales, marketing and advertising. Learn how to negotiate on the price.
  • What are the best and easiest ways for engineers to find clients?
  • How to show in the trade shows and maximize the exposure of your engineering company.

Second section of the class

Forensic Engineering

  • A general discussion of what is Forensic engineering. Does your experience and background lend itself for you to be a forensic engineer and an expert witness in your field of expertise?
  • Sample case studies in different fields of forensic engineering (photo slides and video).
  • Sample computer animation demonstrative evidence for courtroom presentation.
  • The general fundamental of engineering investigation and working the scene of the accident. Photographing, video graphing, taking measurement and collecting evidence from the scene of the accident (photo slides).
  • Engineering fundamentals and techniques of auto accident reconstruction.
  • Reading the damage patterns of the vehicles after the accident using simple laws of physics and dynamics (photo slides).
  • Sample photo slides of detecting insurance fraud in automobile accidents using simple laws of physics and dynamics.
  • Sample photo slides of detecting insurance fraud and arson in vehicle fires using simple laws of propulsion, heat transfer and heat radiation.
  • Sample photo slides of detecting insurance fraud in homeowner insurance claims using simple laws of engineering, physics and dynamics.
  • Tractor-trailer and heavy trucks brakes, mechanical inspection and accident investigation video.
  • Boat accidents investigation video using simple laws of physics, dynamics and stability & control; presentation by ATA & Associates.
  • How to testify and give a deposition as an expert witness. What is Daubert- Robinson Challenge.
  • Basics of Daubert- Robinson Challenge (a must read for engineers who want to testify in court)
  • Ethics as an engineer and as an expert witness (1 PDH Ethics). Battle of experts; Video case Study of a murder trial, where the alleged murderer was accused of killing her mother by setting her car on fire.
  • End of the course.

Extra 5 PDH

  • How to testify in court as an engineer and expert witness.
  • What are do’s and don’t of testify in court.
  • The Daubert-Robinson Challenge, case studies.
  • Tractor trailer skid & crash tests video.
  • Vehicle seat belt and restrain crash tests video by ATA & Associates.
  • Advanced engineering accident reconstruction video by ATA & Associates.

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