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How the energy-efficient buildings in Los Alamos Labs are built

Credit: 31 PDH
Course Fee: $317.00

Course topics

Chapter One: Sustainable Development – What and Why?

1 Mission Impact
3 Vision for Sustainable Development
5 Sustainable Development at LANL
6 Purpose of the LANL Sustainable Design Guide
6 Organization of the LANL Sustainable Design Guide

Chapter Two: Whole-Building Design

11 Whole-Building Design – the What and How
12 Articulating and Communicating a Vision
13 Creating an Integrated Project Team
14 Developing Project Goals
15 Design and Execution Phases
17 Decision-Making Process
20 Writing Sustainable F&OR Documents
23 Specific Sustainable Elements of F&OR Documents
26 Fitting Into the LANL Design Process

Chapter Three: Building Siting

35 Site Issues at LANL
38 Site Inventory and Analysis
42 Site Design
44 Transportation and Parking

Chapter Four: The Building Architectural Design

49 Schematic Design
53 Designing Using Computer Simulations
56 Designing High Performance
Features and Systems
61 Designing for Daylighting
69 Passive and Active Solar Systems
77 Accommodating Recycling Activities

Chapter Five: Lighting, HVAC, and Plumbing

81 High Performance Engineering Design
83 Lighting System Design
90 Mechanical System Design
102 Central Plant Systems
109 Plumbing and Water Use
115 Building Control System

Chapter Six: Materials

123 Material Selection
127 Sustainable Building Materials
143 System Integration Issues

Chapter Seven: Landscape Design and Management

147 Landscape Issues at LANL
149 Stormwater Management
154 Using Water Outdoors
157 Landscape Vegetation
158 Exterior Lighting

Chapter Eight: Constructing the Building

163 Developing a Construction Plan
165 Writing Effective Construction Documents
167 Safeguarding Design Goals During Construction
168 Protecting the Site
170 Low-Impact Construction Processes
170 Protecting Indoor Air Quality
171 Managing Construction Waste

Chapter Nine: Commissioning the Building

177 Commissioning Process Overview
182 Commissioning Activities and Documentation

Chapter Ten: Education, Training and Operation

189 Building Occupant and Operator Roles
190 Information for Facilities Managers
191 Information for Building Users
193 Post Occupancy Evaluation

Chapter 1: Sustainable 

197 Appendix A: Best Practice, Orders, Regulations, and Laws
201 Appendix B: Climate Charts
210 Appendix C: Green Building Adviser
224 Appendix D: Site-Wide Metering Program at LANL
226 Appendix E: LEED Checklist
235 Appendix F: Building Simulations
241 Appendix G: Sun Path Diagrams
249 Appendix H: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Options