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15 PDH (1 PDH Ethics), Forensic Engineering, Part #1 DVD…

Credit: 15 PDH
Course Fee: $279.00

10 PDH or 1 CEU + extra 5 PDH all on one DVD, including 1 PDH in Ethics.

Forensic Engineering Part #1

Product liability, failure analysis, vehicle accident, tractor-trailer accident, train accident, boat accident, vehicle fire accident, insurance fraud, testifying in court as an engineer, video animation and court room presentation.

  • A general discussion of what is Forensic engineering. Does your experience and background lend itself for you to be a forensic engineer and an expert witness in your field of expertise?
  • Sample case studies in different fields of forensic engineering (photo slides and video).
  • Sample computer animation demonstrative evidence for courtroom presentation.
  • The general fundamental of engineering investigation and working the scene of the accident.
  • Photographing, video graphing, taking measurement and collecting evidence from the scene of the accident (photo slides). Engineering fundamentals and techniques of auto accident reconstruction.
  • Reading the damage patterns of the vehicles after the accident using simple laws of physics and dynamics (photo slides).
  • Sample photo slides of detecting insurance fraud in automobile accidents using simple laws of physics and dynamics.
  • Sample photo slides of detecting insurance fraud and arson in vehicle fires using simple laws of propulsion, heat transfer and heat radiation.
  • Sample photo slides of detecting insurance fraud in homeowner insurance claims using simple laws of engineering, physics and dynamics.
  • Tractor-trailer and heavy trucks brakes, mechanical inspection and accident investigation video.
  • Boat accidents investigation video using simple laws of physics, dynamics and stability & control; presentation by ATA & Associates.
  • How to testify and give a deposition as an expert witness. What is Daubert- Robinson Challenge.
  • Basics of Daubert- Robinson Challenge (a must read for engineers who want to testify in court)
  • Ethics as an engineer and as an expert witness (1 PDH Ethics). Battle of experts; Video case Study of a murder trial, where the alleged murderer was accused of killing her mother by setting her car on fire.
  • End of the course.

Extra 5 PDH

  • How to testify in court as an engineer and expert witness.
  • What are do’s and don’’t of testify in court.
  • The Daubert-Robinson Challenge, case studies.
  • Tractor trailer skid & crash tests video.
  • Vehicle seat belt and restrain crash tests video by ATA & Associates.
  • Advanced engineering accident reconstruction video by ATA & Associates.

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