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Drilling and Operating Oil & Gas and Geothermal Wells in H2S Environments

Credit: 4 PDH
Course Fee: $48.00
46 pages

Course Summary:

The development of oil, gas, and geothermal resources in a hydrogen sulfide ( H2S) environment can be hazardous unless adequate safety precautions are taken. H2S gas may be emitted from geothermal wells and power plants and from oil and gas wells, gas plants, and sweetening units during drilling, workover, production, injection, gathering, handling, storage, and transmission operations.

H2S gas is toxic to humans and very corrosive to metals, including high–strength steel. The best protection against H, S–related accidents is knowing where H2S environments are likely to be found and being well–informed about safe drilling and operating methods within them. It is to these ends that the present manual has been prepared.

Learning Objective:

In this course we learn how to operate successfully and safely when drilling oil, gas and geothermal wells in an H2S environment.

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Course Content

Course Author: California Department of Conservation

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