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Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Credit: 17 PDH or CE Hours
Course Fee: $153.00
254 pages

Course Summary:

This course provides general information, guidance, and criteria for the design of domestic wastewater treatment facilities. Criteria presented in this course are applicable to new and upgraded domestic wastewater treatment facilities located both in the United States and overseas. This manual provides the information necessary to determine the sizes of wastewater treatment unit operations.

Learning Objective:

A wastewater treatment plant should be designed to achieve Federal, State and local effluent quality standards stipulated in applicable discharge permits. Specifically, the plant must be easy to operate and maintain, require few operating personnel, and need a minimum of energy to provide treatment. Plants should be capable of treating normal laundry wastes together with sanitary wastewater. Pretreatment of laundry wastes will not be considered except where such wastes might exceed 25 percent of the average daily wastewater flow, or as a resources conservation measure when feasible. In a design for the expansion of existing plants, criteria contained herein regarding flows and wastewater characteristics may be modified to conform to existing plant performance data if the plant has been in operation long enough to have established accurate data.

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Course Content

Course Author: US Army Corp of Engineers

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