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Decorative Concrete Overlay

Quiz Questions

1. Which of the following are the general categories that fall under that Decorative Overlay umbrella _____________?
Thin section micro toppings
Thick section stampable overlays
Self-Self-leveling overlays
All the above
2. Stampable overlays also require a high degree of technical expertise to install, more so than any other decorative overlay.
3. ______________ increase the reflectance of the floor, which decreases the need for artificial light, they help to contribute toward LEED points on green projects.
Matte overlays
Stampable overlays
Polishable overlays
None of the above
4. High-performance coatings may cost as much as three to five times more than acrylic sealers, but can last years longer.
5. With thicker-section overlays, _______________ have become the popular method for creating a pattern of color separation.
Terrazzo strips
Other metal dividers
Shallow sawcuts
Both a & b
6. When it comes to most decorative overlay installations, ______________ help reduce inconsistencies, especially when working with integrally colored material.
Smaller batch sizes
Larger batch sizes
7. Foster has been teaching overlay application and proper surface preparation techniques for years and says that ____________ of all overlays require a surface profile of CSP 3 or better, as recommended by the International Concrete Repair Institute.
8. Exterior knock-down finishes are extremely popular in the Sunbelt regions, but much less so in the colder northern climates.
9. The one thing that all decorative overlays have in common is that they are polymer-modified, which increases their strength, adhesion and durability. When combined with cement and sand, these toppings can attain strengths exceeding _______________.
3000 psi
4000 psi
5000 psi
6000 psi
10. Which of the following is a most popular type of polymer?
Ethyl vinyl acetate
Styrene-butadiene rubber
All the above