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Danger of Asbestos Around the World

Quiz Questions

1.The term "asbestos" designates a group of naturally occurring fibrous serpentine or amphibole minerals with current or historical commercial usefulness due to their extraordinary.
tensile strength, poor heat conduction and relative resistance to chemical attack.
water resistance capability
2. Which one of the following can occur as a result of exposure to asbestos including chrysolite asbestos
Cancer of the lung, larynx and ovary
Asbestosis (fibrosis of the lungs)
All of the above
3.Exposure to asbestos ______ through inhalation of fibres primarily from contaminated air in the working environment, as well as from ambient air in the vicinity of point sources or indoor air in housing and buildings containing friable asbestos materials.
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Cannot occur
4.The highest levels of exposure occur during
PDH Course - Danger of Asbestos Around the World-2
repackaging of asbestos containers
mixing with other raw materials
and dry cutting of asbestos-containing products with abrasive tools.
All of the above
5.Exposure can also occur during installation and use of asbestos-containing products and maintenance of vehicles.
6.Friable chrysotile- and/or amphibole-containing materials _______________buildings and continue to give rise to exposure to both chrysotile and the amphiboles during maintenance, alteration, removal and demolition
are no longer in any
are still in place in many
7.Asbestos has been used in thousands of products for a vast number of applications, such as roofing shingles, water supply lines, fire blankets and insulation materials, as well as clutches and brake linings, gaskets and pads for automobiles.
8.Is asbestos exposure only an occupational issue, with no or little risk to the population at large?
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Many cases of mesothelioma have been described in wives and children of asbestos workers.
No only asbestos workers are in danger of exposure
9.Asbestos is used as a loose fibrous mixture, bonded with other materials (e.g. Portland cement, plastics and resins) or woven as a textile. The range of applications in which asbestos has been used includes roofing, thermal and electrical insulation, cement pipe and sheets, flooring, gaskets, friction materials (e.g. brake pads and shoes), coating and caulking compounds, plastics, textiles, paper, mastics, thread, fibre jointing and millboard
10.Non-occupational exposure, also loosely called environmental exposure, to asbestos __________ domestic exposure (e.g. living in the same household with someone exposed to asbestos at work), air pollution from asbestos-related industries or the use of asbestos-containing friction materials, or naturally occurring asbestos minerals.
may be due to
is not related to
11.Elevated levels of chrysotile fibres have been detected at busy traffic intersections, presumably from braking vehicles.
12.In addition to lung cancer and mesothelioma, occupational exposure to chrysotile also causes non-malignant lung diseases that result in deterioration in lung function, in particular a form of lung fibrosis described by the term asbestosis.
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