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Construction Project Management

Quiz Questions

1.A project is conceived through the organization’s strategic planning process and documented in a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The main reasons projects are created are to deliver capital assets the Agency needs to:
Sustain service or improve quality of service
Expand service to meet growing demand
Comply with regulatory requirements
All the above
2. A project is made up of a group of interrelated work activities constrained by a specific scope, budget, and schedule to deliver capital assets needed to achieve the strategic goals of an Agency.
3.Where an Agency lacks the necessary project management expertise and resources, the Agency retains a PMC to:
Advise on project planning and delivery together with the production of the PRD and PMP documents.
Provide project management services during the subsequent project implementation phases.
Both A & B
None of the above
4.Supporting management plans are added to a project as appropriate depending on the project’s size and complexity. Larger and more complex projects may require adding one or more of the supporting plans to the PMP at project initiation. Which of the following is not a supporting plan?
Task Management plan
Quality management plan
Risk management plan
Contract management plan.
5.The _____________ takes the project requirements through design criteria and conceptual design to the final design and construction documents for a contractor to bid on.
Quality Phase
Design Phase
Construction Phase
Project completion Phase
6.Geotechnical Investigation should be considered as a cost throughout the project development process.
7._____________ is to satisfy the required function at the lowest total cost (capital, operating, and maintenance) over the life of a project consistent with the requirements of performance, reliability, maintainability, safety, and esthetics.
Process Engineering
Value Engineering
Quality Engineering
None of the above.
8.Examples of risks that the Agency project manager and the design consultant should consider for the project include:
Real Estate
Public Utilities
All the above
9.Whether going for a LEED certification or not, the design process should utilize the LEED check lists to help with the evaluation of the design and expected performance of the building.
10.Third party work involves the relocation or rearrangement of existing facilities that impact project construction including which of the following
Utilities (electric power, gas, telephone, cable, etc.)
Public infrastructure (highways, bridges, streets, sewer, water, etc.)
All the above
11.The __________ must assure that the technical requirements for O&M manuals are addressed by the designers of record and specify schedule requirements for submittal of the O&M manuals well in advance of construction completion.
Design engineer
Construction engineer
Quality manager
Project manager
12.The fundamental principles of the control processes are the same for controlling scope, cost, or schedule.
13.The commissioning plan is a living document and a supporting document to the PMP. The plan should be started early in the design phase and further refined with additional details as information becomes available at the completion of design and well in advance of construction completion.
14.____________ during the construction phase covers Review of contract documents to verify that quality aspects have been considered ,Surveillance of construction for adherence to quality requirements etc.
Safety Management
Quality Management
Risk Management
Configuration Management
15._______________ provides an informal disputes resolution process, up through the Agency/CM and contractor chains of command, to address potentially contentious issues that ultimately can use mediation or arbitration as alternatives to expensive and time-consuming litigation.
Site Inspection
Quality Management
Configuration Management