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Concrete Hydraulic Structures, Time-History Dynamic Analysis

Credit: 36 PDH
Course Fee: $324.00
401 pages

Course Summary:

This course describes procedures for the linear-elastic time-history dynamic analysis and development of acceleration time-histories for seismic design and evaluation of concrete hydraulic structures. The course provides guidance on the formulation and performance of the linear-elastic time-history dynamic analyses and how the earthquake input time-histories are developed and applied. Time-history dynamic analysis is employed as the final design and evaluation procedure to compute the probable seismic behavior of a concrete hydraulic structure in accordance with the progressive method of analysis.

Learning Objective:

  • Introduction
  • Analytical Modeling of Concrete Hydraulic Structures
  • Time-History Numerical Solution Techniques
  • Structural Performance and Damage Criteria
  • Development of Acceleration Time-Histories
  • Earthquake Response Evaluation of Concrete

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Course Content

Course Author: US Army Corps of Engineers

Course 1

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