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Batteries, Inverters, Semiconductors and Rectifiers

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In this PDH or CE course The student will learn about the basics of Batteries, Inverters, semiconductors and rectifiers.

The dry cell is the most common type of primary-cell battery and is similar in its characteristics to that of an electrolytic cell. This type of a battery is basically designed with a metal electrode or graphite rod acting as the cathode (+) terminal, immersed in an electro- lytic paste.

An inverter is used in some aircraft systems to convert a portion of the aircraft’s DC power to AC. This AC is used mainly for instruments, radio, radar, lighting, and other accessories. These inverters are usually built to supply current at a frequency of 400 cps, but some are designed to provide more than one voltage; for example, 26 volt AC in one winding and 115 volts in another.

To understand why solid-state devices function as they do, it is necessary to examine the composition and nature of semiconductors. The two most common materials used for semiconductors are germanium and silicon. The essential characteristic of these elements is that each atom has four valence electrons to share with adjacent atoms in forming bonds. While both elements are used in semiconductor construction, silicon is pre- ferred in most modern applications due to its ability to operate over a wider range of temperatures.

Batteries, Inverters, Semiconductors and Rectifiers

Learning Objective:

This PDH or CE continuing education course discuss the general information about the basics of Batteries, Inverters, semiconductors and rectifiers.

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Course Author: Franco F. Davati, P.E.

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