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Basic Digital Circuits

Quiz Questions

1.In a popular logic family what does TTL stand for?
Transistor-Transformer Logic
Transistor-Transistor Logic
Transformer-Transformer Logic
Transformer Testing Logic
2. Gases and liquids exert a force on the sides of whatever container they are in. This force is known as ______________ ?
Gravitational force
Molecular force
Surface tension
3.The process of fixing problems in a logic circuit is called ___________ ?
4._____________ is a useful tool for finding problems in digital logic circuits.
Logic probe
Logic chip
Logic wire
Logic pen
5.Noise is never present in electrical systems
6.Propagation delay is defined as a delay between a change in an input of a logic gate and a resulting change in the output of the gate.
7. The effect of propagation delay on circuits is analyzed by means of ___________ ?
Delay diagrams
Timing diagrams
Propagation diagrams
Digital diagrams
8.What are the basic types of Delays in Physical systems ______________ ?
Pure delay and inertial delay
Common delay and pure delay
Inertial delay and time delay
Common delay and time delay
9. What is the actual range of output voltages from the following diagram?

Basic Digital Circuits 1

0.2V to 1.2V
1.2V to 1.6V
0.2V to 3.5V
0V to 3.5V
10.The five holes shown by the arrow in the following diagram are electrically connected ?

Basic Digital Circuits 2