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Advanced Modular Building Construction

Quiz Questions

1. Every mobile/manufactured home must receive ________________ that it was built in accordance with the Federal Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards (HUD Code). (Source: US Department of Housing and Urban Development
Advanced Modular Building Construction
A HUD label certifying
A bill of sale
2. There are three Wind Zones in the HUD Code, ( figure 1.6) with Wind Zone III designating the highest wind velocities. The higher the Wind Zone,
The more stringent are the requirements for connecting the home and it components together and to the ground.
The heavier the structure should be.
The least number of windows it should have.
3. In figure R 307.1 page 43, the minimum distance between the toilet bowl and bath tub should be:
48 inches
36 inches
21 inches
4. According to figure 1.10 Brick has _________ thermal resistance compared to cellulose Fiber
Equal amount of
5. According to figure 1.11 on page 50, a window that has a SHGC of 0.39 means
Its .39 inches thick.
that it allows just 39% of the heat portion of the solar spectrum to pass through the glass into the interior of the home.
6. Windows carry a National Fenestration Research Council (NFRC) label that indicates the U-Factor for the window assembly as a whole and also provides additional information about the window performance. According to figure 1.12, in that window U-Factor is 0.35 and the Solar Heat Coefficient is
7. In table R402.1.1 page 53, Floor R value in climate zone 2 is:
8. R- value computation is:
The thickness of the material
Insulation material used in layers, such as framing cavity insulation and insulating sheathing, shall be summed to compute the component R-value.
9. In figure 2.1 page 64, a low slope roof, has a slope in the range of:
Greater than 4/12
Between 2/12 and 4/12
0 to 2/12
10. Asphalt felts are typical underlayment for manufactured homes. Asphalt felts consist of heavy felt paper saturated with asphalt or coal tar which are usually available in 15-lb, 30-lb, and 60-lb with 36-inch wide rolls. Special types of underlayment may be required in specific climate conditions
11. Flashing is strips of thin sheets that work as additional waterproofing and make watertight seal at the intersections and transitions in the exterior surfaces. Flashings are usually applied at valleys, eaves, rakes, chimneys, and other penetrations. Flashing material should be compatible with the roof and last the same time. All the flashing materials should be coated with a primer as additional protection. Which one of the following are the most common materials for flashing?
galvanized steel
All of the above
12. In _________, the roof system requires attic ventilation to expel solar-heated hot air from the attic to lessen the building cooling load
Hot climates
Cold climates
Dry climates
13. Four types of flooring materials are common in manufactured homes, carpet, vinyl composition tile (VCT), wood, and ceramic tile.
14. In double glue down method, for carpet installation,
First the cushion is attached to the floor, and then the carpet is bonded to the cushion
The carpet is laid down on the cushion and then directly attached to the floor.
15. Ceramic components are made with natural clay and non-metallic minerals heated at high temperature and manufactured in modular units and sizes. The clay is pressed into a shape, glazed and then fired in a kiln. Products varying in dimensions, proprieties, and appearance. The glazing is from
glass and metal elements which make the color and creates a hard, shiny surface
is painted on and heated later on
16. The plastic laminate countertop has a core material, generally medium-density fiberboard (MDF), plywood, or particleboard covered with a layer of plastic laminate. Plastic laminate is made of
layers of resin-impregnated craft paper with a top layer of colored melamine.
17. Figure 2.28 shows
Basic components of oil based and water-based coatings.
Two buckets of paint
18. In water pressure test (page 102, figure 2.34) after 15 minutes of running the system if the water pressure drops more than ______ , indicates a system failure.
19. After all connections and drain lines are installed, which one of the following tests has to be done to indicate if there is a leakage.
Water test
Flood level test
Air test
All of the above
20. Figure 3.8 is an example of:
An automated production line using e-Frame.
A proper way of storing the wood in the warehouse.