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Advanced Drone Technology

Quiz Questions

1.In general, sUAS (small unmanned aircraft system) will continue to decrease in size while maintaining or increasing most operational capabilities. sUAS below _______________ often referred to as "nano" or "micro" UAS, are currently available, and flight capabilities for these sUAS are expected to advance. Their commercial purpose is primarily recreational use or audio and video recording.
Below .55 lb.
Above .55 lb.
Below 1 lb.
2. In Figure 2 the SKEYE Nano Camera sUAS (small unmanned aircraft system) Weighs approximately:
Advanced Drone Technology 1
10 grams
17 grams
.25 lb.
3. Intelligent Energy’s Ultra light weight fuel cell systems is an example of Reduced weight ( but not size) sUAS and it uses ______________ for fuel.
Advanced Drone Technology 2
Hydrogen fuel cell
Compressed natural gas
Jet fuel
Electric battery
4. Oakland university’s Loon Copter is capable of
Advanced Drone Technology 3
Aerial flight
On-water surface operation
Underwater diving and navigation
All of the above
5. The average racing rotary quadcopter speeds range from 80-150 miles per hour (mph), with the fastest currently at
179.6 mph
200 mph
250 mph
6. In Germany in 2013, a fixed-wing sUAS was documented as reaching speeds of up to _____ mph using a Behotec JB-180 turbine engine.Advanced Drone Technology 4
440 mph
500 mph
200 mph
7.Solar electric propulsion system is currently applied to large USA and sUAS, such as Silent Falcon. Silent flacon is extremely quiet and can stay in the air for up to _____ depending on weather condition.
3 hours
5 hours
10 hours
8.Tethered sUAS, with a limited range to their base, can operate without charging and have uninterrupted video streams.
Advanced Drone Technology 5
9.Prodrone can
Advanced Drone Technology 6
cut cables or wires
turn dials
transport and retrieve hazardous material at high altitudes
All of the above
10. Prodrone can carry up to
22 lb.
44 lb.
60 lb.
11.FLIR has released a compact, lightweight, dual-sensor thermal and visible light imager designed for sUAS. The FLIR Duo lets you view thermal or visible imagery alone, or combined in Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging or Picture-in-Picture format.
12.Perdix uses as swarming technology and as DOD stated "Perdix are not pre-programmed synchronized individuals, they are a collective organism, sharing one distributed brain for decision-making and adapting to each other like swarms in nature. Because every Perdix communicates and collaborates with every other Perdix, the swarm:
Advanced Drone Technology 7
has no leader and can gracefully adapt to drones entering or exiting the team.
Always must have a leader
13.On Chinese Lunar new year, a record number of 1,000 Chinese sUAS reportedly performed aerial formations in Guangzhou, China, in February 2017
Advanced Drone Technology 8
14.Threat response includes the technologies required to counter UAS threats, and can be kinetic or non-kinetic. Threat response products _____________________ of commercial investment for counter-UAS.
are the most developed and largest area
are the least developed area
15.Robotic falconry drone catcher system is a _________ aerial net system that can be mounted to a variety of sUAS to capture and relocate the captured drone to a desired location.
Advanced Drone Technology 9