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AC, DC Circuits, Voltmeter

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This PDH or CE course discusses the rules and equations for DC circuits apply to AC circuits only when the circuits contain resistance alone, as in the case of lamps and heating elements. In order to use effective values of voltage and current in AC circuits, the effect of inductance and capacitance with resistance must be considered.

The combined effects of resistance, inductive reactance, and capacitive reactance make up the total opposition to current flow in an AC circuit. This total opposition is called impedance and is represented by the letter Z. The unit for the measurement of impedance is the ohm.

Resistance and reactance cannot be added directly, but they can be considered as two forces acting at right angles to each other. Thus, the relation between resistance, reactance, and impedance may be illustrated by a right triangle.

The voltmeter uses the same type of meter movement as the ammeter but employs a different circuit external to the meter movement.

AC, DC Circuits, Voltmeter

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The learning objective of this PDH or CE continuing education course was to give a general understanding of AC, DC circuits and Voltmeter.
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Course Author: Franco F. Davati, P.E.

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