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A Framework for Analyzing the Hydrologic Condition of Watersheds

Quiz Questions

1.The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Forest Service (FS) are responsible for managing natural resources on public lands.
2. Watersheds are characterized by which of the following factors functioning within the context of natural and human disturbance regimes?
Surface and ground water
Physical and biological
All of the above
3.The Hydrologic condition analysis process has the following steps, identify the correct order of the steps.

  1. Rate factors
  2. Establish Current levels
  3. Characterize the water shed
  4. Identify Important factors
  5. Identify changes and Interpret results
  6. Establish reference levels
4.There are ____ factors in the Rio Hominy watershed where deviation from reference to current values is affecting hydrologic condition. Ten of the ______ factors exhibit a significant departure.
5. Sources of information, assumptions, and the level of confidence or reliability of the reference values should be documented. Possible sources of information about reference levels include (but are not limited to)
Models or Simulations
Extrapolation, Historic records or Journals
Records or studies of other areas or least disturbed areas
All of the above
6.It is anticipated that the factors used to evaluate hydrologic condition will vary from watershed to watershed. The intent is to identify the primary factors that are directly influencing flow, quality, or timing of water in the watershed being analyzed.
7.Change in grazing practices through revision of allotment management plans and permits, exclusion of stock from streambank areas with fencing and off-site water supplies, removal or reconstruction of stock ponds, mechanical configuration of channel systems, and/or elimination of livestock use within the watershed. All these are __________________________.
Rio Hominy practices
Remediation opportunities
Contributory disturbances
None of the above
8. Large increases in coliform bacteria levels are attributed to season-long, unconfined grazing practices. Removing livestock or limiting livestock from the stream could significantly reduce the coliform bacteria levels.
9.The agency monitoring program and university studies suggest that nutrient levels will be high in__________________.
Warm, low-gradient streams
Cold, high-gradient streams
Warm, high-gradient streams
Cold, low-gradient streams
10.An increase in vegetation will tend to ________ total water yield from the area due to increased evapotranspiration.
Significantly increase
None of the above