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The following PDH courses have been selected carefully to maintain, improve or expand the technical knowledge of the license's in his/her field of practice.

All Subject matters are technical in nature and addresses business management practices, professional ethics, quality assurance, codes or other similar topics which facilitate the licensee's professional development as a professional engineer and serves to safeguard (HSW) Health, safety and welfare of the citizens.

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IDCourse NamePDHPrice
OL255A Guide for City Water2$24.00
OL585A Landowner’s Guide to Building Forest Access Road7$84.00
OL106A Policy Guide to Steel Moment Frame Construction3$36.00
OL495Accident - BP-Texas City Refinery Explosion and Fire31$372.00
OL496Accident - West Texas Fertilizer Company Fire and Explosion34$349.00
OL375Accident Investigation2$24.00
OL224Acoustic Multi Beam Survey Systems for Deep Draft Navigation Projects8$96.00
OL07ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act3$36.00
OL17ADA - Common ADA Error and Omissions in New Constructions and Alterations2$24.00
OL01ADA and City Government Common Problems + ADA Accessible Stadiums2$24.00
OL02ADA Guide for Small Business2$24.00
OL03ADA Guide for Small Towns3$36.00
OL04ADA Standards for Accessible Design 201030$349.00
OL05ADA Title III Highlights2$24.00
OL225Airborne LIDAR Topographic Surveying2$24.00
OL210America's Oil and Natural Gas Industry3$36.00
OL109API - BIOACCUMULATION: An Evaluation of Federal and State Regulatory Initiatives11$132.00
OL107API - Commission Publications Explains How Oil Market Works2$24.00
OL108API - Mixing Zone Modeling and Dilution Analysis for Water Quality Based NPDES Permit Limits20$240.00
OL110Asbestos Standard for the Construction industry2$24.00
OL461Basic Concepts of Surveying2$24.00
OL233Basic Geodesy4$48.00
OL455Basics of Electricity/Electronics2$24.00
OL211Biomass Oil Analysis17$204.00
OL234BLM Glossary for Survey and Mapping4$48.00
OL09Blowout Prevention (Section 1)3$36.00
OL10BOP Equipment Descriptions and Requirements7$84.00
OL11BOP Inspection and Testing4$48.00
OL387BP Gas Fracking2$24.00
OL374Building Performance and Damage Investigation after Hurricane Charley30$319.00
OL249Centrifugal Pumps and its principles3$45.00
OL81Chemical Hazard Communication2$24.00
OL16Child Development Center5$60.00
OL481Climate Change and Evolved Pavements25$299.00
OL19Construction Pocket Guide1$12.00
OL572Construction Project Management15$180.00
OL237Construction Surveying - Bridge Surveying2$24.00
OL238Construction Surveying - Curves4$48.00
OL235Construction Surveying - Earthwork2$24.00
OL548Cost Comparison between Drone vs. Traditional Surveying5$60.00
OL312Crude Oil Markets5$60.00
OL317Culvert Characteristics2$24.00
OL292D.O.T, Low Cost Treatments for Horizontal Curve Safety8$120.00
OL114Dam Owners- Impact of Plants on Earthen Dams10$120.00
OL168Dam Safety-Selecting Inflow Design Floods for Dams4$48.00
OL583Decorative Concrete Overlay2$24.00
OL428Desalination for Safe Water Supply22$264.00
OL265Design and Construction Guidelines for Dams10$120.00
OL250Design and Construction Guidelines for Dams in Texas10$120.00
OL115Design and Construction of Safe Room and Shelter Against Terrorist Attack26$312.00
OL116Design Guide for Improving School Safety30$349.00
OL117Design Guide in Improving Hospital Safety36$359.00
OL426Design of Flexible Pavements23$276.00
OL435Design of Pipe Culverts2$24.00
OL20Design of Sheet Pile Wall-US Army10$120.00
OL434Design Techniques, Construction Practices, and Materials for Affordable Housing11$132.00
OL82Design, Guidelines & Standards for Historic Districts5$60.00
OL118Designing for Earthquakes30$360.00
OL322Disinfecting the Water Using Combined Disinfectants3$36.00
OL323Disinfecting the Water Using Peroxone4$48.00
OL321Disinfecting the Water using UV Radiation4$48.00
OL22Drilling and Operating Oil & Gas and Geothermal Wells in H2S Environments4$48.00
OL121Earthquake Resistant Construction of Gas and Liquid Fuel Pipeline 6$72.00
OL122Effects of Oil and Chemically Dispersed Oil in the Environment5$60.00
OL318Effects of Traffic Calming Measures on Pedestrians and Motorist Behavior3$36.00
OL83Electrical Handbook15$180.00
OL84Electrical Test Methods25$300.00
OL228Electronic Digital Level4$48.00
OL251Emergency Action Plans for Dams5$60.00
OL379Energy Efficiency Lighting1$12.00
OL307Energy Management for Motor Driven Systems15$180.00
OL319Energy Resource Potential of Methane Hydrate3$36.00
OL399Engineering Assessment of Algae Biofuel Production25$299.00
OL486Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Carbon Dioxide in the European Energy System14$168.00
OL170Environmental Benefits of Advanced Oil & Gas exploration18$216.00
OL239Establishment of Calibration Baselines4$48.00
OL28Estimating Well Cost for Enhanced Geo System Applications7$84.00
OL511Evaluation of Urban Soils3$36.00
OL485Extreme Weather Impact on Transportation Systems11$132.00
OL394Fire Detection and Suppression for Building in Historic District2$24.00
Ol380Fire Protection Design Manual10$120.00
OL395Fire Protection of Structural Steel in High Rise Buildings10$120.00
OL590Florida Approved Advanced Building Code Course1$12.00
OL499Florida State Board of Engineers Ethics (2021-2023)1$12.00
OL498Florida State Board of Engineers Rules, Laws (2021-2023)1$12.00
OL526Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter-GFCI1$12.00
OL447Guidance for Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Sites27$324.00
OL506Guide to ADA Standards25$225.00
OL397Guidelines for a Successful Construction Project10$120.00
OL438Home Insulation3$36.00
OL453How HVAC Works2$24.00
OL439How To Build A Rain Garden3$36.00
OL369How to Build Residential Construction in the Gulf Coast Area30$299.00
OL569How to Counter Bridge Scour and Stream Instability 22$264.00
OL365How to Pick a Residential Lot or Building Site in Coastal Areas20$240.00
OL589How to Select Cool Roofs3$36.00
OL186HVAC - Building Air Quality, A Guide for Building Owners and Facility Managers27$324.00
OL484HVAC Assessment5$60.00
OL528HVAC Good Duct Design2$24.00
OL524HVAC Variable Refrigerant Flow2$24.00
OL525HVAC Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems2$24.00
OL448Illustrated Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings20$240.00
OL523Impact of Rework in Construction Cost2$18.00
OL450Incineration of Municipal Solid Waste8$96.00
OL385Introduction to Boiler2$24.00
OL386Introduction to Centrifugal Pump Systems7$84.00
OL131Introduction to Test Equipment22$264.00
OL458Land Surveying Procedure NY27$324.00
OL446Landscape Irrigation Design Manual18$216.00
OL356Managing Solid Waste & Emergency Response3$36.00
OL474Motivating Employees4$48.00
OL332Natural Resource Conservation Design10$120.00
OL586Natural Site Design Preservation and Protection8$120.00
OL521One More Time How Do You Motivate Employees2$24.00
OL331Personal Protective Equipment4$48.00
OL571Practice of Low Impact Development8$96.00
OL442Promise Based Management2$24.00
OL381Quality of Highway Runoff Water in Austin, Texas Area5$60.00
OL441Rethinking Marketing2$24.00
OL568Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan 6$72.00
OL549Surveying and Mapping with Drones1$12.00
OL345Sustainable Libraries Design4$48.00
OL350The Cost of Transmission for Wind Energy8$96.00

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