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FREE Sample course, Ohio Rules, Laws and Ethics 3 CPD / PDH ( valued at $27)

Ohio Engineers and Land Surveyors courses are formatted according to Ohio R.C. section 4733.151


Ohio CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is equivalent to PDH (Professional Development Hours)

The following courses are for Ohio Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors and meet the Ohio R.C. section 4733.151 requirements. The following online courses are timed and tracked based on Ohio State Board of engineering requirements. Senior engineers have been taken into consideration when designing these courses. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Hours shall be relevant to the practice of engineering or surveying and must include technical, ethical, or managerial material.

All the courses below are timed and tracked. Engineers and land surveyors will receive a certificate after passing the test.

The following Ohio Rules, Laws and Ethics course is formatted according to Ohio R.C. 4733.151

Ohio State Requirements Number of Hours Renewal Renewal Date
PE Engineers 30 hours Biennial (odd years) 12/31
Registered Land Surveyors 30 hours Biennial (odd years) 12/31

Maximum carry over for the next biennial = 15 CPD or 15 PDH

All courses can be online courses. All courses are timed and tracked according to Ohio R.C. section 4733.151

How it Works

This section for Ohio courses, works different from the rest of the website to satisfy Ohio R.C 4733.151. Senior engineers and professionals have been taken into consideration for the allocated minimum time for reading the material.

  1. Register and login with the website first and then purchase the course.
  2. The website automatically put the purchased course in your account.
  3. Click on Ohio Courses to Take.
  4. Click on "Take the Quiz" on the course you purchased.
  5. These Courses are like taking a webinar. You cannot logout or turn off the computer once the course has started. Otherwise you will lose the chapters that have zeroed out and you have to start all over again. So take the course from a computer that you do not have to turn off or logout. The timer on each chapter or section will start running once activated. You cannot take the Quiz until the counter on all chapters have been zeroed.
  6. After all the timers have zeroed, then the quiz button pops up.
  7. Now you can take the quiz and print your certificate with confidence.
You can take the "Free" Ohio Ethics & Law as a sample course, in order to get familiar with the system.

Ethics & Laws (Free)

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