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Maryland Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Rules, Laws and Ethics

Credit: 2 PDH or CE Hours
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Course Summary:

The Maryland Board of Professional engineers was created to regulate the practice of engineering in the State of Maryland in order to protect health, safety and welfare of the residents of Maryland. The Board is consisting of 8 members that six of them are engineers the other two are regular members. All members of the Board are appointees of the Governor of the State of Maryland.

The following course material for the Rules and Laws for Professional Engineers in the State of Maryland is the compilation of what is described in the Maryland Board for Professional Engineers website’s Law section, under “Legislation of interest to you”.

We have tried to effectively compile them for you as a course material, without excessive rhetoric, so you can use them easier in your daily practice of Engineering in the State of Maryland. The topics have been inscribed and prioritized exactly as the Maryland’s Board of Professional Engineers website.

Learning Objective:

By the end of this course the students will know what is the definition of “engineer”, practice of “engineering” and it’s rules and laws in the State of Maryland.

Review the quiz before studying the course.

Course Content

Course Author: Maryland Board of Professional Engineers and Land surveyors


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