How it Works

We have 3 different sections in our program.

  1. Live seminars
  2. DVD & CD courses
  3. Online standard engineering courses

In each section it has been explained how it works for that section or product. However, we repeat it again for each section here.

Live Seminars

Simply register online and pay either by credit card or check or simply call our toll free number 713-787-6810 to register for the seminar.

DVD & CD Courses

  1. Select one of the courses.
  2. Purchase the course either by phone or online with a credit card or by check. You will receive your DVD or CD in the mail without delay in 3-4 days. You will receive a confirmation when purchasing with a credit card.
  3. We do not give a test for our live or home seminars. If your state requires a test for a home seminar, simply take the quiz online 24/7 and print your quiz certificate any time after your purchase.

    You can take a look at the quiz questions to see what type of questions you need to be able to answer. You can take the quiz and grade yourself at any time. However, you must have already paid or purchased the course if you want to print your certificate.

    No registration or password is required. You can take your quiz instantly.

    If you need a copy of your test or score, simply print the screen of your quiz or your score. You can take the quiz as many times as you want.

Online Standard Engineering Courses

  1. Pick a course, review the quiz, download and print the course. Study the course at your leisure.
  2. Take the quiz as many times as you want, untill you pass it. Follow the page and pay for the course.
  3. Print your certificate instantly.
If you want to pay by check, print the screen when you are reviewing the quiz, take the quiz and mail it in with a check to our address. We will grade your quiz and fax/email your certificate after you pass.


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