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Florida Approved Advanced Building Code Course
Advanced Internet Course in Florida Building Code 6th Edition (2017) Changes

Quiz Questions

1.Under the New Significant Changes in the Florida Building Code, Residential, the height of the accessory building can be increased from:
1 story to two stories
2 stories to three stories
3 stories to 4 stories
2. The FBCB makes it unlawful to use or occupy a building or structure unless
a certificate of occupancy has been issued for that use.
It is hurricane proof
It is at least 4 ft. above grade
3. If you have a parking space in a building,
You can do whatever you want with your space, including offering car repair services for profit.
You can only use it for parking your car.
4. Besides pressurized wood, treated wood that has been impregnated with chemicals by a pressure process and exhibit reduced surface -burning process can also be used for construction.
5. Small food processing stores and commercial take-out kitchens (such as Domino’s Pizza) that do not have dining facilities and have no more than 2500 square feet (232 m2) in area are considered
Group A Occupancies
Group B Occupancies
Group C Occupancies
6. Training and skill development centers, tutoring centers, spaces used for martial arts or gymnastic are classified as
Group A
Group B
Group C
7.Accessory storage rooms that are less than ______ square feet shall be classified according to the main occupancy of the building.
8.A smoke control system is now required in halls and atriums in Group I-2 as well as Group I-1 occupancies classified as condition 2, that connects two stories in a building.
9.Owner-occupied lodging houses
Cannot add any additions to an existing house or use the house for anything else but as a living quarter.
with five or fewer guest rooms shall be permitted to be constructed in accordance with the Florida Building Code, Residential.
10. Multiple Group U private garages are allowed in a building where they separated by a minimum of ______ fire separation.
1 hour
2 hours
3 hours
11.Private garage ceiling heights shall be not less than:
6 ft.
7 ft.
9 ft.
10 ft.
12.In an unlimited area building, the number of stories allowed in the basement is /are:
13.According to Table 504.3, the maximum allowable building height for a Group B occupancy of Type IIA construction not equipped with a sprinkler system is:
160 ft.
65 ft.
50 ft.
14.According to Table 504.4, the allowable number of stories for a Group A-2 occupancy of Type IIIA construction, not equipped with a sprinkler system is:
15.Footnote d in Table 601 allowed fire sprinklers as a substitution for 1-hour construction was deleted due to:
limited applicability and possibility of misuse.
The exterior walls were too thin for the 1-hour fire resistance.
The exterior walls were too thick for the 1-hour fire resistance.