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Florida Approved Advanced Building Code Course
Advanced Internet Course in Florida Building Code 6th Edition (2017) Changes

Credit: 1 PDH or CE Hours
Course Fee: $9.00
49 pages

Course Summary:

The purpose of this course is to familiarize the contractors with the significant changes to the Florida Building Code 6th Edition (2017). The course covers from chapter 1 to Chapter 6.

Learning Objective:

By the end of this course the licensee will have learned the significant changes in Florida Building Code 2017 6th Edition from chapter 1 to Chapter 6.

  1. 101.2 Exempt Residential Accessory Structures
  2. 111.1 Change of Use or Occupancy
  3. 202 Definition of Horizontal Exit
  4. 202 Definition of Platform
  5. 202 Definition of Private Garage
  6. 202 Definition of Treated Wood
  7. Building Planning
    Chapters 3 through 6
  8. 304.1 Food Processing Facilities and Commercial Kitchens
  9. 304.1 Training and Skill Development Facilities
  10. 306.2 Food Processing Facilities and Commercial Kitchens
  11. 308.3 Group I-1 Occupancy Classification
  12. 308.4 Group I-2 Occupancy Classification
  13. 310.5 Group R-3 Lodging Houses
  14. 310.6 Group R-4 Occupancy Classification
  15. 311.1.1 Classification of Accessory Storage Spaces
  16. 403.1, Exception Items 3 and 5 Applicability of High-Rise Provisions
  17. 404.5, Exception Atrium Smoke Control in Group I Occupancies 30
  18. 404.9, 404.10 Egress Travel through an Atrium
  19. 406.3.1 Private Garage Floor-Area Limitation
  20. 406.3.2 Private Parking Garage Ceiling Height
  21. 407.2.5 Group I-2 Shared Living Spaces
  22. 407.2.6 Group I-2 Cooking Facilities
  23. 407.5 Maximum Size of Group I-2 Smoke Compartments
  24. 410.3.5 Horizontal Sliding Doors at Stage Proscenium Opening
  25. 412.7 Travel Distance in Aircraft Manufacturing Facilities
  26. 503 General Building Height and Area Limitations
  27. Tables 504.3, 504.4 Building Height and Number of Stories
  28. 505.2.3, Exception 2 Mezzanine Openness
  29. Table 506.2 Building Area
  30. 507.1 Basements in Unlimited Area Buildings
  31. 507.9 Group H-5 in Unlimited Area Buildings
  32. Table 509 Fire Protection from Incidental Uses
  33. 510.2 Horizontal Building Separation
  34. Table 601, Footnote d One-Hour Substitution
  35. 602.4 Type IV Member Size Equivalencies
  36. 602.4.2 Cross-Laminated Timber in Exterior Walls
  37. 603.1, Item 26 Wall Construction of Freezers and Coolers

Review the quiz before studying the course.

Course Content

Course Author: Franco F. Davati, P.E.

Course 1

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Certificate of completion of the course

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