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Online PDH Courses:

The following courses have been selected carefully to have a direct or indirect relevance to the field of the licensee’s practice. These courses have been selected to maintain, improve or expand the technical knowledge of the license’s in his/her field of practice.

The indirect course subjects that are cross over in science and their knowledge can also be helpful in this field of practice have been introduced as a cross over and are listed for this category. For example, an architect or a civil engineer would benefit to know about generators and their use in the field, despite the fact that they are neither a Mechanical engineer nor an electrical engineer.  We have tried to equip any course category not only with courses and topics that address their subject matter directly, but also courses and topics that their knowledge would be beneficial and helpful to the licensees, indirectly in that category.

All Subject matters are technical in nature and addresses business management practices, professional ethics, quality assurance, codes or other similar topics which facilitate the licensee's professional development as a professional engineer and serves to safeguard (HSW) Health, safety and welfare of the citizens.


  • You can not have multiple certificates for your associates and other co-workers in your office or friends by purchasing one course. It's one certificate per purchase.
  • If you want to pay by check, print the screen when you are taking the quiz, take the quiz and mail it in with a check to our address. We will grade your quiz and fax/email your certificate after you pass.

Online Courses:

All the pdh courses are accepted as general technical/engineering courses and can be taken by any engineer, architect, geologist, landscape architect, contractor, home and building inspector or any discipline to satisfy technical continuing education contact hour/PDH/CE requirements.

The following courses have been obtained from the publicly owned engineering, and government technical material publications.

(We have made some small changes in the text, such as commas, & a few extras (invisible to you) just in case if the competition decides to copy our material. The board has already accepted our courses.)

We have also categorized the courses  in the left column for easier selection.

We offer a 100% full money back guarantee if your Board of registration does not accept our course fully or partially for any reason.

Once you have purchased and received your certificate there is no refund after the purchase.

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